What Did Zuckerberg’s Testimony Tell Us?

Let’s start with Zuckerberg’s demeanor.

Detached, arrogant, self-absorbed, and inconvenienced. He appeared put out by having to show up. There was zero projection of concern for others. No creditable emotion to support professed commitment to policy protecting user’s privacy.  He appeared to view questioning with contempt.

His answers were not creditable. As the founder of Facebook, operations and outcomes are the manifestation of his vision. He has been hands on from the beginning from writing code, recruiting his team, forming policy, and directing all supporting functions. No responsible inquirer would accept answers suggesting that he is not fully aware of policy, how professionals are qualified and vetted, data collection practices, profiling methods and capabilities, and how user profiles are monetized.

Please note only a small bias needs to be created to have a material effect on behavior. Remember the objective of media is to create high probability the products and services; and political and social beliefs of its advertisers will be selected or adopted.  Power then profit, not the community is their priority.  Manipulation (creating bias) is their operational objective to secure them.

If Facebook was truly committed to protecting the community from violence then their monitoring efforts would be skewed towards ANTIFA, ISIS, other terrorist organizations, and illicit behavior. Not the conservative views of two black women who are supportive of a sitting President; nor the re-election efforts of a Republican Congressman. Personally, I have a hard time fathoming anything more violent than abortion due to the innocent, and completely defenseless victim. And more disgusting then repressing those seeking to engage in honest debate.

Rapidly advancing technology is dramatically improving collection, profiling, and manipulation capabilities; and accelerating their application.  Privacy Protections with severe punishment (prison, confiscation, life time industry bans, treble fines) are needed to provide extreme deterrence to compensate for an accelerating rate of change dramatically increasing the advantage of tech giants with each passing day.

Also consider the risk of someone who viewed Zuckerberg’s testimony adopting him as a role-model. Would you want to be associated in any way with his behavior?

Other important questions:

  • Did his demeanor provide any reasonable expectation for his values and leadership to improve?
  • Is Zuckerberg representative of other tech leaders profiting from ‘scrapping’ personal data?
  • Can Congress really be trusted to reform providers of tools (voter profiling, contact, manipulation) critical to their re-election?

If you take the time to break it down and think it through you will come to realize Facebook’s deception, manipulation and exploitation is just the tip of the iceberg. The tech giants (and many elected officials) are laughing at the thought. Thinking we are too dumb to see through their evil.