Your Vote Equals Truth, Comfort, and Consequences

There are Truths we believe based on Faith and Truths we accept based on evidence.

The Grey Area between Faith and evidence is where logic and reason guide judgment.

Emotion denies us the protection of logic and reason leading to the Truth.

Over the next few days and weeks each of us needs to make sure emotion does not deny us the Truth. That we show respect for each other by expressing ourselves through logic and reason not political hyperbole.

Unfortunately cultural messaging will promote hyperbole. Making our efforts to judge respectfully that much more difficult.

Each of us has a heart, mind, and soul. We need to make sure they are never stolen from us.

We must have the propriety to draw straight lines to what we know (evidence) and what we believe (why and how it improves the Human Condition).

Drawing straight lines is how we respect the right to vote and carry out our duty to act for the Greater Good. Honor all who have sacrificed life and limb to secure it; and the pain and suffering of those who love them.

When you vote make sure you have freely expressed your heart, mind, and soul. Have great conviction, leave no doubt, and genuinely know how and why you have improved the Human Condition.