Your Next Winner: How To Use Options To Trade Wall Street’s Secret Profit Schedule

Did you know that Wall Street traders actually follow a set schedule of buys and sells, on the SAME DATE EVERY YEAR?

If you know exactly what date they will buy and what date they will sell a specific stock, would you just trade along and follow them to profit?

What if you could use Options to exponentially increase your profits with these scheduled stock moves? Wouldn’t you want these high probability wins?

This isn’t insider trading or anything like that.

It is just taking advantage of good old-fashioned data-mining techniques to uncover what is hiding in plain sight.

In his featured presentation, Matt will show you which stocks are on Wall Street’s trading schedule and how Options will increase your profits exponentially.

He will show you exactly how to uncover all the stocks that Wall Street trades on a SET SCHEDULE every year – down to the exact trading day.

You will also discover how to use Options on these moves to exponentially increase your profits.

This is as close as you will get to having a crystal ball.