You can’t go wrong with the right

By Citrus County Chronicle

Let’s begin with the first fact, the Democrat (left) party is no longer the party of the working people – they abandoned that decades ago. The Republican Party (right) is the same party it was when it declared civil war on the left to free the slaves.

The left wants America to be a socialist country, although no one can name a socialist country in the history of this planet that has prospered and bettered its citizens – they all have failed. The left uses violent protests, hate speech, insults, false accusations and harassment to attack free speech and those who have a different view than themselves; the right has never done this.

The left wants no borders and rights for illegal immigrants, including the right to vote. In fact, they support illegals voting in our elections by opposing voter ID and other efforts to assure illegal foreigners are not allowed to vote. Another fact, many illegals have already voted in our elections. They want to abolish the only police agency which is responsible for capturing and deporting those here illegally. They refuse to fix our immigration laws in Congress.

The left is responsible for the creation of an educational system which refuses to teach youth the true history of this country or the basics of how our government works. The vast majority of youth cannot tell you the three branches of government let alone what each branch does. China, Germany and Russia did the same thing and once accomplished they had full control of their citizens and the country. Brainwash the youth and the country is under full control – this is a goal of the left and it’s already effective.

Make no mistake, there is a war of survival being waged in this country. The right is at war to maintain our basic rights, freedoms and way of life. When you hear the left protest and speak, listen to what they are saying. Are these the people you want running our government? Are you comfortable with them?

The decision is yours; it is your duty and responsibility to assure the country that was founded on freedoms continues to survive and prosper. Investigate the facts and make your decision. Are you better now than you were two years ago? If so, then we must continue supporting the right’s agenda. It is critical that we all vote to fix America now.

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