World’s biggest bounce house, all 10,000 square feet of it, is coming to Raleigh

The world’s biggest bounce house — billing itself as “10,000 feet of inflatable elation” — will bound into North Raleigh this weekend, an attraction that outshines the most over-the-top birthday party and invites adults to join the foolishness.

The Big Bounce America, a half-acre collection of slides, ball pits and pumped-up basketball courts, caters to all ages but stands out for its grown-ups-only sessions that clear the jumping floor for everybody under 16.

The event will be spread out over the MAC Sports & Entertainment Complex off I-540 and could create its own hubbub separate from Artsplosure, the annual arts festival in downtown Raleigh this weekend.

Now in its second year, the idea for a three-story trampoline array grew while its founders were working a music festival and took an after-hours break inside a standard-sized bounce house.

“Then it dawned on us,” said Grahame Ferguson, a Big Bounce America co-founder. “What if we made a much bigger bounce house? What if we built the biggest one in the world? What if adults could bounce? What if it had a DJ booth?”

Of course, you have questions.

How big is the bounce house?

Big enough to need a building just for sneaker storage. It takes 32 blowers going full-blast for 10 minutes to fully inflate all things bouncy.

Big Bounce’s main complex, made of castle spires and jumping space, covers 10,000 square feet, which is roughly the size of the Hollywood mansion once owned by Richard Zanuck, who produced “Jaws.” Double that space for Bounce Village, the separate ball pit, obstacle course and toddler spot.

How much bounce do I get?

Tickets range from $11 to $25, depending on age and bounce quantity. One ticket buys an hour’s worth in the big structure with the inflatable forest, jungle animals, four-poster beds and such. An upgrade buys access to Bounce Village with its Ninja Run and Monster Ball Pit.

Tickets are cheapest online and in advance, and can be bought in sessions for toddlers, juniors, bigger kids and adults. Some of those sessions are already sold out.

This reminds me of something

Yes, in 2015, ride operators installed a 1,000-foot-long water slide on the south end of Glenwood Avenue, charging $15 a try. Thousands clad in swimsuits lined up along one of Raleigh’s busiest pub crawl and sports bar streets for the chance to skim down the padded vinyl on an inner tube. The verdict: Sold out.

How do we know it’s the biggest?

The world record for highest trampoline jump is 22.1 feet. The mark for most people bouncing tennis balls for at least 10 seconds is 658. But an exhaustive 15-minute Internet search could turn up no rivals for a 10,000-square-foot bounce house.

The verdict: biggest and selling fast.

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