Wish List for Patriot’s Day!

My Wish List for Patriot’s Day:

– Congress places Facebook, Google (YouTube), and all other operators of social media platforms on notice that there will be a steep price to pay for infringing on 1st (Free Speech) and 4th (Right to Privacy) Amendment Rights.

– Department of Justice places all commercial enterprises on notice they will be subject to severe consequences if they obstruct the free flow of commerce necessary for citizens to exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights.

– President Trump affirms his Administration’s commitment to protecting 14th (Equal Protections Under the Law) Amendment Rights for all Citizens; and identifies and refers governors and mayors infringing upon those rights to the DOJ for prosecution.

– College and University Presidents publicly affirm their commitment to protecting all rights granted under the Constitution for all students and faculty; and encourage their alumni to do the same in the work place.

– Parents make sure their children learn and understand the Constitution well so they can be respectful of their fellow Americans and immigrants working towards Citizenship: and honor, protect, and strengthen the Legacy of Freedom!