Will You Gain the 5G Advantage?

5G increases Internet speed and capacity 100X over 4G.

3G to 4G was just a 10X increase.

The 5G advantage is gained by understanding and preparing for the exponential increase to the volume and speed of information and events poised to impact our social, personal, and professional lives as 5G fully deploys over next 12 months. 5G is already up and running in sections of Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Providence, and Washington, D.C..

Here is what you need to know and understand:

  • The power of Machine Learning and Ai to harvest data, profile, and target an audience through manipulation of information is already overwhelming to comprehend. Consider the magnitude of power gained when they plug into the 5G pipe.
  • Your ratio! Over the last 30 days consider the amount of time spent chasing v staying ahead of events and express as a ratio. For example 60:40 would represent 60% chasing 40% ahead. If you are a leader your professional obligations should have you ahead. Leaders project expectations and bring their team to them. However consider the impact of 5G accelerating change on team members; and what their ratio will be as they work to keep up with tasks.
  • We apply technology to gather, manipulate, and format information and data. However the essential filtering, analysis, and application has to run through our brain. Conviction for knowing who, what, and when to trust; starting with self, comes from the brain communicating with the heart, and gut. Not technology. Unless we increase the speed and capacity of our brain it will become the chokepoint sabotaging our ability to make good decisions fast enough to remain relevant as a professional.
    • Awareness needed to outperform by anticipating the needs of others will be lost.
    • The same awareness empowers us to protect each other; especially those we care about most.

Advantage is gained by filling a Learning Gap created by higher education, professional development, and organizational training over-weighting functional instruction at the expense of strengthening foundational behaviors causing the brain to filter, process, and apply information most effectively.

The Gap is filled, and the speed and capacity of the brain increased, when the Mind is structured to develop and support High Intuitive Function (HIF). The Mind is the brain’s OS. HIF organizes, accesses, targets, realizes, and amplifies individual and collective potential.

The Intuitive Development Process develops tangible understanding for personal accountability by teaching how to take apart, rebuild, and add horsepower to the Cognitive Engine optimizing decision-making and execution. Then fine-tuning the Engine to individual development and performance needs. Tangible understanding is superior to abstract and why development accelerates and performance improves so significantly.

By increasing brain speed and capacity High Intuitive Function develops superior awareness projecting expectations tightly aligned with events as they occur. Variance is minimized. Details are viewed in high definition. Precise adjustments securing outcomes desired are made.

High Intuitive Function aligns individuals and teams to shared understanding for how to best direct and support improvement and performance. High transparency for intent and motive, character and commitment, develops strong conviction for who, what, and when to trust; starting with self. Distraction and conflict are replaced by knowledge transfer and information flow. Improvement moves from incremental to exponential to keep pace with change accelerating faster than even the most informed can comprehend.

You can go here www.theotherai.com/mindtools.html  for free Mind Tools to begin accelerating improvement.  Please know if you take the time to work out the 5G math then you will realize you can’t begin increasing the speed and capacity of your brain soon enough.