Will Meghan Markle be walking down the aisle or up the nave? | Brief letters

How nice of Mark Carne to “strongly advise passengers to plan ahead this May” (Bank holiday heatwave may break record for early May, 5 May). Pity that when you visit the Network Rail website there are no schedules available for the next bank holiday weekend travelling from Sussex to London until 14 May at the earliest.

Leigh Hughes

Saltash, Cornwall

• On Friday I landed at Bristol airport from Belfast. We were all required to show ID at the “UK Border”. The cabinet will be relieved to know that there were a few moans but no riots (Fallback plan for trade border between Ulster and rest of UK, 5 May).

Paddy Hillyard


• Given current concerns about antisemitism, it was surprising to see a Guardian leading article (7 May) referring to “Old Testament spite and vengeance”.

Jeremy Beecham

Labour, House of Lords

• I have an unusual first name and have become accustomed to answering to many different versions of it over the years, but predictive text (Letters, 7 May) must have been the reason for an email beginning “Dear Ovulation”, I presume…

Oula Jones

St Andrews, Fife

• My three offspring alerted me to the fact that my “mumx” sign-off was being changed to “minx”. Could have been embarrassing in a wider context!

Laura Thompson


• Why is a bride said to “walk down the aisle” (Father to walk Markle down the aisle, 5 May), when in truth she processes up the nave?

Paul Coones


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