Why the Right to Free Speech is the First Amendment

The Truth requires unrestricted communications.

Any person or entity seeking to remove or restrict free speech fears the Truth.

Yes, free speech is often used to construct false narratives to disorientate, confuse, and overwhelm an audience so they can be deceived, manipulated, and exploited for financial and political gain. In fact, the aligned media exploits their audience all the time under the protections of free speech. Labeling the Crisis at the Border a hoax; Russian Collusion, Global Warming, and “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.” are powerful examples.

Free speech is also used to intimidate, incite, and organize violence. Please note ANTIFA, ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Planned Parenthood thrive under the protections of free speech. Google (owner of YouTube), Facebook, and Twitter make sure of it. While those who dissent through non-violent means by reporting events and actions proving their evil; are blocked, shadow banned, suspended, doxed, and deplatformed.

None of us are perfect. Humankind will always be a work in progress. Evolution is the product of seeking and finding the Truth. Honest, and respectful debate is the path; and why the First Amendment protects the Right to Free Speech.

This is the shortest Article I have written. However it is easily the most important.