Why Gold is Entering a Long-Term Bear Market

Gold versus Trust (the U.S. Dollar)

Gold is inert and limited by transactional protocols and costs.

Trust is living. The behaviors building and earning Trust multiply and accelerate its value exponentially by making intentions for improving the Human Condition highly transparent

The Dollar is backed by trust in the Constitution founding and protected by the U. S. Government. The good works of the people living in the United States and its Citizens abroad. The U. S. system of laws, courts, and enforcement infrastructure; and the military capacity to protect interests on a global scale evidence its commitment and security.

As the rate of change accelerates faster than even the most informed can comprehend; threats and long-hidden enemies to the well-being of U. S. Citizens and the World are being exposed. Transparency increases and eradication deepens with every investigative step and disclosure. A ‘Hive Culture’ has harnessed the power of technology to seek and destroy forces corrupting the Human Condition.

Transparency for the strength underpinning the U. S. Economy also increases as:

  • The bluntness of the current Administration leaves no doubt on the World Stage for U. S. intentions, expectations, and looming consequences for countries and leaders failing to act in good faith.
  • Consistent enforcement of U. S. Borders and laws is reestablished.
  • Baseless E.P.A. Regulations are clawed back and energy production is supported by Congress and federal agencies and departments.
  • The Tax Cut and Jobs Act ease burdens on taxpayers and makes U. S. Corporations more competitive in the global marketplace.
  • Election integrity is secured.

A National Commitment to the rebuilding of infrastructure; and restoration of primary, middle, and high school education, and restoration of affordable health insurance will only make the good intentions of the United States and its people more transparent.

As the rate of change continues to accelerate; and ever higher levels of transparency are achieved, the U.S. will extend its economic advantage. The agility of its workforce and more closely aligned leadership in government at all levels are the fuel. Transparency is a double-edged sword for good; educating voters and securing accountability from elected officials.

No other country can match the strength of government and the intended agility it creates by securing liberty for its people. As threats continue to be neutralized and enemies vanquished, the U. S. will thrive in ways not imagined to create an abundance bringing the rest of the World with it. Gold will continue to fall as investors chose the exponential appreciation of Trust, amplified by the U. S. system of transparent government, and economic strength fueled by the work ethic of its people.