Why a Budget, Not a Continuing Resolution will be Passed

The Omnibus Spending Bill passed last March included unsustainable spending levels. The President threatened to veto and stated that he would never sign such a Bill again.

Secretary of Defense Mattis persuaded the President to agree so the increased defense funding needed to repair the damage to force readiness and morale created by the Sequester in 2011 would be secured.

Despite the altered versions of reality presented by the Aligned Media, the President has built up significant political capital.

  • GDP above 4% and on a sustainable trajectory higher as the impact of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act builds and fairer Trade Agreements activate; EPA and other unjustified regulations continue to be clawed back.
  • A practical Immigration Solution providing a path to Citizenship for 800,000 more potential DACA recipients than the prior Administration; securing the comprehensive reform necessary to protect the most vulnerable communities; and physical barriers restricting the flow of drugs, human trafficking, and bad people representing a clear and present danger to the well-being of others.
  • Significant degrading of ISIS; securing increased NATO funding by Allies; clear policy and messaging isolating North Korea and Iran; and Rules of Engagement empowering military professionals to prosecute objectives in Afghanistan.
  • Black support has almost tripled from 13 to 36% since 2016 Election and continues to build as the Walk Away movement gains momentum.
  • Lowest unemployment rate for Hispanics continues to increase unexpectedly strong support received in the 2016 Election.

Coordinated attacks, via skewed polling on approval ratings and support for impeachment highlight how fearful the Aligned Media is of the President’s success. To their great disappointment improvement to  the quality of life for the Middle Class and forgotten Americans rising out of poverty will continue because of the President’s blunt communications.

The President will stand firm on his Budget Demands because voters will not reject prosperity and the protection of individual and property rights securing it.  Representatives and Senators who want to be re-elected cannot win the argument that higher taxes and shutting down ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) is in the voter’s best interest.

There is nothing more powerful than the Truth. This is why the Aligned Media is its own Executioner.  The Ax will drop true and swift as the fabrication of Russian Collusion continues to come to light. Public sympathy for the mistreatment of the President will grow. Public sentiment will demand his Budget is passed; and the November Election will bring reinforcement for his Agenda to House and Senate.