Where are Woodward and Bernstein?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz caught red handed rigging the Democratic Primary for Hillary Clinton.

Meta data proving the leaked DNC and John Podesta emails were pulled off the DNC server locally, not hacked. Julian Assange strongly suggesting, and Kim Dotcom willing to testify before Congress that it was done by Seth Rich, who was murdered shortly after.

Evidence pilling up to reveal a conspiracy between the CIA, ODNI, FBI, DOJ, State Department, White House U.N. Ambassador and National Security Advisor, DNC, and Hillary Clinton Campaign to spy on the Trump Campaign then discredit his election. While blocking investigation and prosecution of Hillary Clinton for destruction of evidence under subpoena; and Treason for intentionally compromising National Security.

Woodward and Bernstein should remind themselves that Man (and Woman) will be judged by their last acts. So far they have proven themselves to be nothing more than partisan hacks.