When it comes to lying, the president is a pro

By The Herald-Dispatch


Some might call them misinformation. Or untruths. Whatever you call them, they are lies.

President Trump is full of them. Since the days he announced he was running for president, the number of lies he has loosed on America cannot be counted.

Beginning with the days he took office, the New YorkTimes, known to Trump supporters as the evil fake press, began listing his lies. You can read most of them under “Trump Lies” on the Internet.

They either stopped listing them a few months ago or ran out of space or energy,

We’re not talking about lies Trump has told that are simply opinions that can be debated. We’re talking about lies that are based in facts that cannot be debated because they are facts.

One of the most recent factual lies came from the president’s Twitter account when he said that, according to polls, he was more popular than Abraham Lincoln.

It’s a fact that presidential popularity polls did not begin until the mid 1930s, about 70 years after Lincoln’s death.

Did Trump correct the error?

Lies, lies, lies.

The press is different. It generally corrects its factual mistakes and apologizes for the error.

Every day, The Herald-Dispatch publishes an announcement that it will correct any factual error it has made in a story.

When I make factual mistakes, I will do the same thing in my columns. Recently I made a factual error in a story about West Virginia becoming a state. I said it was the only state to be admitted during the Civil War. I was wrong. Nevada became a state in 1864, a few months before the Civil War ended.

I made note of my error in a subsequent column.

Heck, the newspaper even makes room for those who find fault with my opinions to debate me. And if some really hate my opinions, they can email me their comments so horrible the newspaper wouldn’t publish them

Recently, I wrote a column about slavery in America which is the white man’s burden. There were some who replied to the column in The Herald-Dispatch claiming slavery was not caused by white Americans but by guilty African chieftains who sold their fellow citizens into slavery.

And some of you, including Trump, say the press is the real threat to America? Poppycock.

Were I to assume the habits of Trump, I’d make claims that are factually incorrect and do it with a straight face, just as he does, And with his ego as big as all outdoors, of course.

I’d claim that I am being considered for a Pulitzer Prize as well as a Nobel Prize for Literature.

I would tell the story of how my late beloved dog, Fred, actually won the governor’s race in the late 1980s, but was barred from accepting the job because the corrupt State Supreme Court refused to accept bribes and declared that four-legged critters could not be governor, no matter how many people wanted Fred in the job.

And I’ll bet you think all these sternwheeler passenger boats stop in Huntington to see the sights. Wrong.

They stop in Huntington to pick up copies of The Herald-Dispatch which have my columns in them.

There you have it. All the lies I can think of today. Not many, but I am a novice.

Trump is a professional.

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