What the Market is Working Out

The Smart Money knows the Market does not like uncertainty. As a reminder go back and observe price action in the ES from November 9-10, 2016.

Uncertainty is created by not knowing 1) when the unredacted FISA documents and unredacted IG Horowitz’s first report will be released; 2) when IG Horowitz’s 2nd report will be released and to what degree it will be redacted; and 3) how the Aligned Media will attempt to shape public opinion.

Thanks to the Q Collective research and reporting; and Hearings conducted by the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, the Smart Money has tangible understanding for actions taken to spy on and take down both Candidate and President Trump while protecting Candidate Clinton from prosecution.  By not reporting on these efforts, and objecting loudly to any suggestion they took place, the Aligned Media has proven itself complicit.

The Good News is the Truth is out and the first steps towards rebuilding the integrity of the CIA, DOJ, FBI, and ODNI are being taken. The Bad News is as awareness for the depth of corruption and disregard for the law (Constitution) grows so does the risk for adverse Market volatility.

The key take away is the Smart Money recognizes the degree to which the Market is underpinned to work through any disruption. Bottom line exposing corruption; restoring the integrity of intelligence and law enforcement agencies, and the justice system are all necessary. The transparency created as foundational trust is restored will lift the Market significantly higher.