What Comes After the Media Men List? ‘A Lot of Hard Work’

“I actively tried to avoid this,” said Moira Donegan, sitting in the headquarters of The New York Times on Jan. 17.

Just over a week ago, she had identified herself for the first time as the creator of an online spreadsheet that allowed women to list men in the media industry who they accused of sexual misconduct. Now, Ms. Donegan was sitting down for her first on-camera interview since revealing her identity.

“I was watching the spreadsheet fill up. It became clear to me that a problem I had already understood as widespread was in fact, much, much broader,” she said.

Ms. Donegan, a New York-based writer, spoke with Ainara Tiefenthäler, a Times journalist, about the #MeToo movement, the fear of being outed as the spreadsheet’s creator, and the hard work ahead. Below are excerpts from the interview. Some comments have been edited lightly for brevity and clarity.

On how it all began:

On the spreadsheet’s impact:

On what comes next:

You can watch the full video here.