Whale freed from anchor, but rescuers worry about her wounds

By Associated Press

A team of marine animal rescuers freed a humpback whale from an anchor line off the coast of Cape Cod, but officials say they are worried the whale’s injuries are life-threatening.

The female whale named Cardhu became entangled on the fishing boat’s anchor line while feeding, and the boaters immediately called for a whale rescue team when they saw the whale in distress. The Boston Globe reports Cardhu’s mouth became entangled in the anchor rope on Monday, causing her to thrash around violently and injure herself.

Although Cardhu was freed from the anchor line, she swam away with the rope still attached to her body. Rescuer Scott Landry says officials worry Cardhu’s wounds could become infected.

Landry says they are hoping she’ll return to the area once the whale has calmed down

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