We Should Taco Bout It

Yes, we should talk about the company at hand, Yum Brands. Taco Bell and Kentucky Fried Chicken are taking the world by storm! Okay, it is not but the fast food makers have been on a lovely trend this year. Same for the beverage makers like PEP and KO. Maybe this explains the way the United States is gaining weight these days, but that is another story. YUM brands have been making strides and people are flocking to the company thanks to their devilishly delicious (not really) tacos. With a much cheaper price point than their competitors, they continue to push clever marketing campaigns and draw renewed interest in their products. While I do not put them on the same brand recognition level as McDonald’s, they clearly have etched their legacy in stone. Ken-Taco-Hut is here to stay and they are ruling the late-night menu. I expect the demand to continue moving forward, hopefully, their margins remain consistent as their sales should continue to grow.