Warren Is The Fighter We Need

By Daily Hampshire Gazette

One of the most intelligent and bare-knuckled fighters will be running for president of the United States 2020. As an outstanding senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren has shown that she is the person who has and will effectively and successfully fight for country enrichment that Democrats have long championed but recently reversed or thwarted by the present misfit president. There are other qualified Democrats who will undoubtedly seek this office, but Elizabeth Warren will rise to the top because of her brilliance, tenacity and positive productive experience.

Kenneth Graf


Seeing through the shutdown

Is it possible Donald Trump is so deluded that he thinks that support for his shutdown is growing the longer he remains intransigent? Well, it’s not. What’s growing stronger with each passing day is the sense that he is entirely unfit to be president of the United States.

Peter Scotto


A call for a ‘friendly forum’

Thank you for your opinion, Mr. Urvater, about the Gazette’s needs for conservative columnists. The Gazette also needs a full-time conservative writer to present local and national views because most of us conservatives cannot get past the liberal bias in the headlines.

The Gazette needs to be more of a balanced paper.

Right after my recent letter was published, I received a hate letter from a left-wing coward who did not put his name or address on the letter.

I propose that we get people from both sides of the fence and set up a friendly forum to talk about the many issues that liberals and conservatives disagree on and talk amicably. I am sure some people would be open to this. For example, if we could start off with three liberals and three conservatives and then maybe publish an article together once a month, that would be good for all of us who are concerned about the future of this great country. We don’t want anyone who has a bad temper. Both parties need to listen as well as speak in order to learn.

Both parties need to unite and agree on affordable issues that are important and that can be solved. Even though I am very conservative, I have some liberal friends that I can talk to.

If we can set up a meeting somehow and take an approach of three-on-three in a friendly manner, we might get more than one group. If anyone else has any ideas, please write in to the Gazette.

Andy Pignatare

Southampton‘The only threat he poses is to tyranny’

I am horrified to see that Eduardo Samaniego is incarcerated in the ICE system. I first met Eduardo in 2014 when he was a Hampshire College student. He was even then very impressive, gracious, articulate and with a powerful bearing. We knew he was someone who would make a difference of measure in our world and community.

The only threat he poses is to tyranny. It is obvious that he is being singled out for his worker advocacy work, trying to help and protect undocumented residents of our region who are ever more abused and in danger of abuse in the current climate. They are afraid to reach out for the minimal protections our laws provide. Decency and justice are his goals. Are they ours, too, even now?

Eduardo and his coworkers are the real law enforcement. His political detention should send the shivers of Stalin through each of our spines.

Jonathan A. Wright


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