Some Berkshire shareholders stiffed an Omaha waitress. So Warren Buffett sent her a check.

From the it’s-a-small-town department:
Some Berkshire Hathaway Inc. shareholders weren’t patient in a downtown Omaha  restaurant.

Despite their waitress’ best efforts to serve a full house of customers, some celebrating the Berkshire shareholders meeting and others observing Cinco de Mayo, they believed the  service was inadequate, so they left no tip.

Word reached Berkshire headquarters and the company’s chairman, who asked his staff to reach out to the restaurant and then sent the waitress a check to make up for the missing tip, along with a note of apology.

We can’t tell the source of the tale, but we’re assured that it’s true. It’s part of Warren Buffett’s effort to make sure everyone — including Omahans who serve — has a good time during Berkshire’s special week.