Value Creation is Common Ground for Liberals and Conservatives

Liberals seek to reform; improve what exists so value is created more effectively.

Conservatives seek to protect what has proven to create significant value.

Liberals demand freedom of the individual and government guarantees individual rights and liberties.

Conservatives protect freedom of the individual and guarantee individual rights and liberties by enforcing local, state, and federal laws granted under authority of the Constitution.

Individual rights (well-being and property) and the freedom (liberty) to exercise them are the source of value creation. If individuals and their enterprise are not protected and encouraged to multiple their good work, then no abundance exists to care for those who need help.

Securing boarders and enforcing immigration laws are central to securing individual rights (well-being and property) to ensure value is created and abundance exits to care for those who cannot care for themselves.

Foreigners who present themselves at legal points of entry and demonstrate truthful need for assistance are helped. Those who apply for legal immigration enter a process and path to Citizenship. They represent their desire to assimilate into the American Culture protecting individual freedom (well-being and property) so value is created and abundance secured.

Foreigners who do not present themselves at a legal point of entry are:

  • Not likely to prove a truthful need for assistance.
  • Nor desire to assimilate into the American Culture.
  • At significant risk of being a victim of human trafficking.
  • Transporting illegal drugs.
  • Purposefully entering to do harm.

Boarder security, enforcement of immigration laws, and exceptions for children who are victims of parents who broke the law are essential for value creation; and securing individual freedom and rights guaranteed by the Constitution.  This is Common Ground liberals and conservative need to stand on. There will be no abundance to protect those at the greatest risk should they fail to unite.