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Profits. In classic Adam Smith economics the market functions because entrepreneurs and investors seek gains exclusively for egoistic reasons. After a decade of working with investors from all over the world, we know this is a lie.

Profits are a tool thanks to which the investors make the people closest to them happy, make their dreams come true and provide them with safety. Investors often support churches and charities. A lot depends on whether they manage their portfolio effectively.

Unfortunately, even good people who diligently choose their information sources can fall prey to salespersons who only pretend to be professional analysts. Such persons produce rush texts, which only serve to sell their services. More often than not, their analyses only recommend buying or selling.

And all that without a thorough explanation and description of the situation in the specific parts of a given market and closely-related markets.

Without information how this fits in with the whole of the investment portfolio.

Without discussing position sizing.

Without taking diversification into account.

Without meticulously choosing the rebalancing method for the portfolio.

Without thorough research preceding the analysis; without creating in-house tools and indicators; without taking a code of ethics into account.

Salespeople who title themselves “analysts” ignore the dreams of investors. Sometimes investors are initially pleased with the services of such people. Unfortunately, usually choosing such services ends in a disaster. Sooner or later, careless analysis depletes the investors’ capital and denies them a chance to realize their dreams of making their closest ones happy.

We care.

We have spent thousands of hours and worn down numerous keyboards to guarantee the highest quality of our analyses. We have researched little-known market phenomena and transformed this research into thorough reports and interactive tools. We have even created multimedia guides so that the tools were easier to use. Apart from that, we are the only ones to prepare investors for the upcoming price bottom in the precious metals market with a series of dedicated articles. Why have we gone to so much trouble if we could have simply written “buy” or “sell” without any additional explanation, like others do? Because we care.

Through a combination of passion, creativity and hard work, we help investors achieve their goals.

We help, because we believe profits are not egotism, evil and darkness.

Profits are opportunities, good and sunshine.

Welcome to Sunshine Profits.