Truth – the Ultimate Value Creator

Trump won the Presidency in 2016 by communicating the Truth about the economy, immigration, trade, war/conflict, foreign policy, healthcare, energy, environment, and the sanctity of Life. These Truths unlocked the value creating potential of America. Fraudulent dogma, used by the Fed, to justify rate hikes that smothered the market in late 2018 demonstrates the consequences of lies.

Truth has proven the talking heads in the Aligned Media and puppet Senators and Representative wrong on trade. Wrong on the environment. Wrong on the economy. Wrong on foreign policy. Wrong on immigration. Ask yourself, “how the folks who came from the privileged class, attended the best schools, and have decades of experience in D.C. can always be wrong?’

President Trump communicated the Truth again Tuesday evening in his State of the Union Address. The World would be a much darker place without American Exceptionalism; the ability to manifest care and concern into protective action. America will remain committed to Freedom and Life.

To those who would shame America know this. Proxies (Deep State) of families controlling the wealth of the world, have been working since the founding of America to either undermine or control her potential. They do not have the character nor courage to compete on a level playing field. Instead of upping their game, they amp up their Evil to secure power. The Truth of America remains resilient, along with President Trump against all Evil.

The more nonsensical the arguments of elected puppets and controlled talking heads in the Aligned Media become, the more Smart Money recognizes Evil is on the run. There are no logical arguments to be made against barriers/walls being a necessary component of boarder security. Nor historical proof to validate socialism. There is also no justification for the unspeakable acts taken against the innocent and defenseless in, and now out of the womb. There is no authentic scientific proof of global warming.

Imagine the scale on which value will be created once the Proxies (Deep State) repressing Honest Hard Work are brought into the light and held accountable. That day is coming faster than we can know.  The Smart Money knows and is prepared.