Truth Serum For The Aligned Media

(And the politicians they protect)

Intelligent Risk drives sustainable growth.

Probability for Intelligent Risk increases with transparency.

Muller’s Report will be released Thursday. Please take the time to gain perspective based on your own reasoning. If you can’t connect the dots yet, then keep at it. The truth is there. The Smart Money figured it out long ago. Lying members of Congress, an extremely dishonest press, and the Federal Reserve are the true enemies of the People.

To validate the origins of the Russians Hoax just answer these 3 simple questions.

  • For Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Lynch, and Comey if Russian interference was suspected through Trump Campaign Team Members, then why was Trump not warned so risk/threat could be eliminated?
  • For all members and controlling editors of the Aligned Media, why have you not interviewed William Binney and his fellow technical experts, whose forensic examination of metadata shows conclusively, that DNC emails provided to WikiLeaks were copied locally onto an external device and not hacked?

Special note: if you do not know who William Binney is, then spend some time checking his credentials. You will find him to be one of, if not the most talented analyst in military intelligence history. His technical expertise for meta data analysis, mass data collection, data basing, and analytical methods are recognized for defining Best Practices.   

  • For Loretta Lynch and James Comey why was the DNC server not secured by FBI custody for examination and collection of evidence for submission to a Grand Jury?
  • Bonus question Number 1 for Obama, Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, Loretta Lynch, and John Kerry: why were over 300 names/people monitored by the NSA and expected to be connected with the Trump Campaign, unmasked in 2016?
  • Bonus question Number 1 for the Aligned Media: why was there no interest in investigating/reporting of destruction and extreme measures taken by Hillary Clinton to destroy evidence under subpoena?
  • Bonus question Number 2 for the Aligned Media: why was there no investigating/reporting of the FBI Agents failure to follow FBI and DOJ protocols while interviewing Hillary Clinton; and granting immunity to witnesses?

Other points to ponder. Why has a Boarder Crisis, that intensified over 6 months ago, been promoted as a hoax by the Aligned Media and Progressive leaders until now?  Why was there no serious engagement by Progressive leaders to fix Immigration Law when President Trump offered to include more than 2X the amount of illegal aliens for protection under DACA than Obama did?

Break it down and think it through. Dig for answers. Trust your reasoning. You will find yourself way ahead of the market.