Truth Ignites the Greatest Bull Ever!

Rebirth of professionalism (propriety) and looming death of the wannabe has positioned the market to make the strongest Bull Run in history. Ignition will be full disclosure, charging, prosecution, and punishment for elected officials, appointed proxies, celebrity and media enablers who have betrayed the greater good in unspeakable ways.

The World has woken up to the deception, manipulation, and exploitation imposed by evil disguised as do-gooders and their glad handing accomplices. News Flash – IT’S OVER!

Triggers 1) candle body printing above 2828.00 on the Daily ESM9 Chart. 2) Gold (GCJ9) printing a candle body below the Bottom of its Equilibrium Cloud on its Daily Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Chart.  3) Unsealing of indictments secured by Federal Prosecutor John Huber, based on evidence from DOJ Inspector General Horowitz’s investigations.

Look at the Bill that has come due in the U.K., France, Germany, and Sweden. May, Macron, and Merkel are now powerless. Italy, Brazil, and Austria have embraced the cure. Xi will have to capitulate like Gorbachev or China will suffer terribly.

China’s economy cannot grow without U.S. trade. The U.S. will continue to grow without China trade. The lower class is rising out of poverty. Minority unemployment rates are at all-time lows. The middle class is reenergizing as domestic demand is in early stages of expansion. Propelled by dramatic increases to energy production and manufacturing rebirth made possible by the i) Tax Cut & Job Act ii) regulatory clawback iii) pursuit of fairer trade agreements iv) foreign policy demanding greater responsibility from allies v) accountability from adversaries vi) rebuilding of military and vii) consistent enforcement of federal laws.

Putin will have to join Xi and choose peace and prosperity over global war.  Remember Trump’s Doctrine is mutual prosperity not destruction.

There is nothing more powerful than the Truth.