Trump weighs in on NBC-Ronan Farrow dispute

President Donald Trump is joining criticism of NBC News for passing last year on journalist Ronan Farrow’s investigation into alleged sexual misconduct by Harvey Weinstein.

The president tweeted Tuesday that NBC is now “fumbling around making excuses for their probably highly unethical conduct.”

NBC News Chairman Andy Lack late Monday sent a lengthy explanation to his staff members on why NBC let Farrow take his story to the New Yorker magazine. Lack said NBC and Farrow disagreed on whether he had a story ready to air. He said NBC wasn’t trying to block his reporting or caving to pressure from Weinstein.

But Farrow said Lack’s explanation contained false and misleading statements. He said it was NBC, not him, who urged him to take his story to the New Yorker.

NBC had no immediate comment on Tuesday.

11 a.m.

Ronan Farrow says NBC News Chairman Andy Lack’s explanation of why the network wouldn’t air his story alleging sexual misconduct by Harvey Weinstein contains several false and misleading statements.

Farrow tweeted that it was NBC, not him, who urged him to take the story to The New Yorker magazine and that he did so only after it became clear that he was being blocked from further reporting. Farrow later shared a Pulitzer Prize with The New York Times for their stories on Weinstein’s behavior.

On Monday, Lack had sent a detailed email to NBC staff outlining NBC’s decision to pass on Farrow’s reporting. He said it wasn’t ready to be aired at the time, and that NBC had done nothing to block his reporting.

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