Trump is winning for the USA; Democrats are acting deranged in their attacks on him


Their shoo-in candidate lost so the Democrats, left and media lurched into Trump Derangement Syndrome that now has disintegrated into the nastiest name calling, conservative confrontations and downright hate. Immigration scorn against Trump peaked with the illogical charge that the separation of illegal entrant children from parents is Trump administration and supporters epitome of meanness.

Forget the facts that most of the children are accompanied by “companions” other than family and should be housed away from those individuals, that spokespeople involved at the border for years report that the food, shelter and medical services are far better now than under the Obama administration. There are no cages, interments, concentration camps –all falsehoods from the unhinged “syndromers” who cannot accept the fact that their favored candidate lost the election so they conjure up accusations about President Trump reminiscent of Hiдlary Clinton’s excuse after excuse about why she lost the election .

Anti-trumpers ignore that illegal border crossings dropped 73 percent, ICE has targeted the violent MS-13 gang members for arrest and deportation, deported thousands of illegals who have committed crimes and dangerous drugs have been confiscated and destroyed. They now rant to disband ICE…I guess because ICE is doing their job to protect American citizens and the country and that is not a goal of the left.

You will not hear from or see in the media that in a year and a half our “terrible” president led (led is the key word here for we have a proven leader now heading our government) Congress to pass and sign the largest tax cut in 37 years benefitting virtually every American and all levels of businesses, sent the stock market on a streak surging 31 percent, authorized record-setting rollbacks of restrictive regulations and bureaucratic red tape that unleashed economic advantages gaining 3 percent economic growth. We have overall employment and rising wage growth, GDP increases over the final three quarters of 2017 continue in 2018, manufacturing, mining, energy, and service sectors all up in percentage growth as well as technical services, and healthcare. Pensions of working and retired people have soared and millions of Americans were paid bonuses which are sneeringly deemed “crumbs” by multi-millionaire Democrat House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi. Consumer confidence climbed to levels unseen since 2000 and at Trump’s urging Congress ended the Obamacare mandate that forced everyone to obtain health insurance or pay a fine that escalated every year.

Beyond economic records our military generals now decide how to destroy ISIS and the terrorist group is on the ropes, cities are offered federal support to crack down on violent crime and war is declared on the opioid epidemic. The USA advanced in standing throughout the world as Trump engaged China, brought nuclear threat North Korea to the negotiating table, is about to open communication with Russians and re-established warm relations with our international friends and allies.

The left can keep up the hate and vitriol and probably will. In the meantime the rest of us will join President Trump to keep America safe, prosperous and winning going forward.

Carol Adams Glenville

This article provided by NewsEdge.