Trump has gotten important things done

By Herald and News

Adrian Corleonis had a lot of hateful things to say about President Trump in his July 29 letter.

What he failed to mention was that this bumbling fool, his description of President Trump, has turned our economy around (GDP didn’t exceed or even reach 2 percent under Bush or Obama in eight years. It was over 4 percent last quarter, less than two years into Trump’s presidency).

Renegotiating NATO has resulted in other countries finally paying their fair share, which other presidents have talked about but did nothing, there are less people on welfare or food stamps because cutting excessive regulations imposed by Obama and giving tax cuts have brought businesses back to America, put more money in workers’ pockets and created millions of jobs that put more African Americans, Hispanics and women to work than ever before.

Also included is the fact that the liberal media that’s pounced on every word uttered by President Trump wove its own version of what he meant and then suffered the consequences of being proven wrong.

Pictures taken of illegal aliens’ children in cages after being separated from their families at the border were taken during Obama’s presidency and attributed to President Trump, who had to follow our laws, but told Congress it was its job to change it.

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, like Trump, believes in following our constitutional laws, unlike Obama, who sued states that enforced our immigation laws and issued executive orders to impose his will over exisiting laws. That’s dictatorial.

President Trump doesn’t bow down or apologize for America like Obama or promise more flexibility after being elected, like Obama did with Russia, and gets results.

I fail to see what Corleonis is complaining about other than extreme frustration that the Democratic Party lost the election.

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