Trump fights globalists, crooked Dems

By Staff Writer

I’m really getting tired of people complaining and bellyaching about our great President Donald Trump. He has done more in his short time in office to fight the globalists and crooked Democratic Party than any other man could.

The Democratic Party has gone completely insane, especially since the election of Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro. This man had a foreign student ID at Columbia University. I suspect he is a Muslim. He refused to speak at Notre Dame and Georgetown until all crucifixes were covered, so as not to offend him. Here is a very short list of the wonderful things the Democrats have given us: Cattlegate, where Hillary Clinton made $100,000 on a $1,000 investment; the Rose Law Firm, shredding documents day and night before their subpoena appearance; the Clinton Foundation bleeding poor Haitians dry with their corruption; dozens of mysterious deaths surrounding Bill and Hilly, starting with their Arkansas drug-running operation out of Mena, Arkansas; Operation Fast and Furious; the war on Christians; the war on the Second Amendment; the war on the middle class; Hillary giving U.S.-made uranium to Russia; Hillary’s unsecured server with top-secret documents that were hacked by Russia and China; Diane Feinstein employing a Chinese spy; open borders; fighting voter ID; sanctuary cities; illegals and dead people voting; Benghazi; killing the innocent unborn; same-sex marriage.

If you Democrats think socialism and communism are so wonderful, move to North Korea or Cuba for a few years. I’ll help you and the Hollywood bunch and the news media pack. Why are not Hillary, Obama, Feinstein, Pelosi and Comey, just to name a very few, in jail? They are traitors to a sovereign United States. We don’t want any of your “globalism”!

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