Time for an Information Inventory

Unless you have been living out of the country or isolated in the woods you should be well aware of the following:

  • Bias of the Aligned Media favoring progressives and socialists.
  • The same bias displayed by tech giants manipulating search, shadow banning, censoring, and deplatforming people and websites challenging the Aligned Media’s Narrative.
  • Protection and support of progressive / socialist elected officials and candidates no matter the lie or smear de jour for the day; while twisting their reporting to charge dissenting voices with hate speech and racism.

I submit to you Aligned Media bias, over the last 6 months, has morphed into gross negligence. We would expect free market forces to secure objective reporting. However there appears to be a never-ending cash flow subsidy ensuring financially failed media entities stay alive to spew evil.

Please take the time to identify and list the media outlets / news sources you reply on. For each examine and write out in detail their intent and motive.  Validate why their reporting is reliable / creditable.  Then attempt to collaborate their reporting independently by examining data and statistics generated by unrelated 3rd parties.  Finally determine if their arguments / conclusions are logical, straight forward, and easy to follow (common sense). Or if you have to contort yourself to align with them.

Remember the ability to self-direct / think independently is the greatest power we have. The Information Inventory lets us know if it is secure or being stolen from under our nose.