Time for a Threat Assessment

Do you see what I see?

Did you find it stunning yesterday when Jeremy Corbyn, UK Labor Party Leader, rejected an invitation to empower the people of Britain with snap elections to effectively validate or invalidate Brexit?

How upset are you that our own House of Representatives has been shut down by its leadership? House Speaker Pelosi, won’t even bring legislation passing through committee on a unanimous vote (USMCA) to the floor.

How disheartening is it when the Aligned Media shows complete lack of propriety by failing to correct 3 years of baseless reporting to smear a Presidential Candidate, President Elect, then President?

Is there any logic to College and University administrators and professors caring more about ‘safe spaces’ than fostering free speech and exchange of ideas essential to improving the human condition?

Why would any of us want to support an entertainment industry led by misogynists and pedophiles?

Why would we want to use the platforms and services of tech giants who have and continue to spy on users to gain the intelligence needed to deceive, manipulate, and exploit for financial and political gain?

If we take the time to assess the threats elected officials, Aligned Media, academia, the entertainment industry, and tech giants represent to our collective well-being; then maybe we can find common ground by agreeing i) independent thought should by protected and encouraged not repressed ii) a voice in the Public Square requires the propriety to engage in Honest Debate and iii) the power of technology must be applied to discover, not determine the best interests of users.

Absolute Performance Truths stand the test of time. Restricting thought and using deception to gain power and control manifest in corruption cleansed by revolt. Let’s be smart enough to prevent that outcome by turning our back on every entity working against Honest Debate.

Instead of Facebook create your own email/txt group and reclaim your privacy (and your dignity).

Instead of Google take Mr. Webster down from the shelf or treat yourself to a trip to the library. Working your way through the stacks gets you moving instead of sitting. See neighbors who are independent thinkers and create the opportunity to engage in Honest Debate. You will be in the Analog Work engaging all your senses and the full spectrum of your brain. Imagine the possibilities.

Instead of movies and TV – READ A BOOK! Imagination is a terrible thing to waste.

Reverse whatever the messaging is from the Aligned Media and you will be much closer to the truth.

Come on people it’s time to stop being suckers.