Time for a better definition of job | Brief letters

Isn’t it about time the media stopped giving out misleading employment figures (Opinion, 30 April)? Surely a job should be defined as full-time and providing a livable wage/salary – ie for shelter, food and reasonably modern standard of existence. The so-called employment figures should distinguish between full-time, part-time, zero-hours contracts, minimum wage etc. Only then will they be an honest presentation of reality.

David Lockyer

Havant, Hampshire

• Larry Elliott’s otherwise powerful critique of what passes for government housing policy (Analysis, 30 April) omits two critical factors: namely space and energy standards, on which the UK lags behind most EU members.

Jeremy Beecham

Labour, House of Lords

• David Lammy is right to focus on the fundamental causes of the Windrush scandal just as he was right about Grenfell. Anyone else reckon he would make an excellent Labour party leader?

Patricia Goodall-McIntosh

Marsh Lane, Derbyshire

• Reading an analogue display from a prone position in bed demands the sort of angle transform that I struggle with even when wide awake but, when I read “Two One Five” in the gloom it goes direct to my left brain without touching the sides and I know how much more sleep I have left (Letters, 28 April). I do agree with Douglas Adams about “digital watches” and what they say about you but, ever since I stopped using my Casio digital that told me everything, I would not change from my lovely shiny Tissot Chronograph with S/S strap. I have to wonder how the digiphobes manage to get on with their digital money or how they remember their digital birth dates.

Andrew Lyner

Ingatestone, Essex

• My sympathies to Louis Hellman (Letters, 30 April) for the sex-change difficulties he has encountered with his first name. I, however, encounter more irritating difficulties. Many people seem to have trouble with a wandering i and thus, at a stroke, I become Lousie.

Louise Smith

King’s Lynn, Norfolk

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