Three Libertarians seek office

May 14–ELKHART COUNTY — Less than a week after registered voters sorted out the field of Republican and Democrat candidates, the Elkhart County Libertarian Party announced three candidates whose names will appear on the November ballot.

In a press release from Elkhart County Libertarian chairman Ethan Legg, the three candidates slated for the ballot will be challenging Democrat and Republican candidates for State House of Representatives for District 21, State Representative for House District 48, and Elkhart County Council District 2.

In the primary, the Republican candidates for these offices were unopposed. The Democratic Party has not slated any candidates for these same offices, although that may change after the party’s convention. June 30 is the deadline for Democratic, Libertarian, Republican parties to fill ballot vacancies ahead of the November general election.

Running for office on the Libertarian ticket are:

Ethan Legg, a 27-year-old real estate professional, is the chairman of the Elkhart County Libertarian Party. He will be challenging Tim Wesco, the incumbent and a Republican from Osceola.

Legg ran against Wesco in 2016. He contends that Wesco has no connection to Elkhart, in comparison to himself, who was born and raised here. He also claims Wesco pushes legislation surrounding religion.

“I believe in a separation of church and state which is described in Indiana’sConstitution in Article I Section 4,” Legg said in the press release.

Robert Wilson Jr., a 39-year-old long-time resident of Elkhart is seeking election to the seat currently held by Republican incumbent Doug Miller, who is seeking re-election. Miller was first elected to the house in 2014.

“I am running because it is time for something to change in Indiana and if people keep electing the same people over and over, Indiana will never change for the better,” Wilson said in the press release.

Eric Harris, 19 and a 2017 graduate of Jimtown High School will be seeking election to the Elkhart County Council District 2. He is a life-long resident of Elkhart and the secretary of the Elkhart County Libertarian Party.

The County Council seat for District 2 is currently held by Randall Yohn.

Harris believes that his youth and fresh ideas can move Elkhart in the right direction.

“It is important for youth to try and make a difference in their community and I am happy to be promoting the ideas of liberty while I try to make a change in our county,” Harris said, according to the press release.

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