Thomas A. Fiery: The Border Wall We Really Need


Every day, thousands of migrants flood across the border, bringing terror, murder, drugs, thievery and disease. They steal jobs, take government services and benefits, dodge taxes, and harm decent, hardworking citizens.

Something must be done about these immigrants from Maryland.

While our politicians focus on illegal immigration at the southern U.S. border, far more dangerous Marylanders are invading the great, beautiful states of Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

Maryland has one of the highest homicide rates in the nation. In 2014, a typical year, Maryland’s murder rate was 27 percent above Pennsylvania, 49 percent above Virginia and 53 percent above West Virginia, according to FBI statistics. Maryland also has a very high larceny rate: 24 percent above Pennsylvania, 17 percent above Virginia and 26 percent above West Virginia.

Even illegal immigrants aren’t as dangerous as Marylanders are. The great state of Texas keeps very good crime records on illegal immigrants, and they indicate that such people are 40 percent less likely to be murderers and 73 percent less likely to be thieves than Marylanders are, according to statistics compiled by a Cato Institute colleague.

But numbers alone don’t begin to tell the murder and mayhem Marylanders bring to other states. Here are just a few of the terrible stories:

Just last month, police arrested Christopher Hasson of Silver Spring, Md., who is accused of planning to go on a bloody terrorism spree in Washington, D.C.

Also this year, Timothy Nelson of Cumberland, Md., was arrested and charged in the kidnapping and rape of a 10-year-old Pennsylvania girl.

In 2017, Gary Jenkins of Hagerstown was convicted of the vicious assault and robbery of an 82-year-old woman in Martinsburg, W.Va.

In 2017, heroin dealer Mitchell Peck Jr. of Sykesville, Md., dubbed a “merchant of death,” was convicted in the overdose death of a young Pennsylvania man.

In 2014, Joshua L. Stitley of Hancock was sentenced for the brutal murder of an elderly Falling Waters, W.Va., woman and attempted murder of her husband. His accomplice, Roy L. Wisotzkey of Hagerstown, was sentenced the year before.

These are only a few of the dangerous immigrants who stream across the state line from Maryland every day.

Presumably, some Marylanders are good people. But even noncriminal Maryland migrants hurt the decent, honest people in neighboring states. They steal jobs – usually good-paying ones – in Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia, taking away wages and benefits. They crowd onto Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia roads and crowd into those states’ hospitals and parks, making extra work for brave, overworked firefighters, police officers, ambulance crews, doctors and nurses. Yet these migrants pay no income taxes and few other taxes to Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

The state line with Maryland is completely open. There is no immigration agency to screen these dangerous Marylanders, no border patrol and no fences or walls. We must end this border chaos and protect the sovereignty of Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia!

Here is a modest proposal:

First, there must be a pause on all migration from Maryland until neighboring states have new laws to protect their sovereignty and control their borders. Enforcement agencies must be created and extreme vetting policies implemented for all Marylanders who try to cross the state line. Only when these measures have been fully implemented will the travel ban be lifted.

Next, a great, beautiful wall must be built all along the Mason–Dixon Line and Potomac River so that neighboring states can finally have true border security. And Maryland must be made to pay for this wall!

Carefully screened, high-skilled Marylanders who prove that they value freedom will be welcome in Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. But they must be fully examined any time they cross the border to make sure they pose no threat to the safety, health and livelihoods of the decent, hardworking people in neighboring states. Only this will stop the terrorists, murderers, drug dealers and other dangerous Marylanders.

Build the Maryland wall, and crime rates will fall!

This article provided by NewsEdge.