The Transparency Dam Is Breaking

The Fed Cut.

Snap elections for the U.K. are scheduled for December 12th.

The Department of Justice is on the verge of delivering answers questioning the integrity of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, ODNI, NSA, and State Department leading up to the 2016 election and through the Muller Report.

The Transparency Dam is breaking.

You can go here  to gain perspective for what is about to unfold.

Take the time to understand what qualifies as a High Crime and Misdemeanor, and what is required for conviction of a sitting President in the Senate,  and you will quickly recognize the chance of impeachment conviction is zero. The Smart Money knows this.

Transparency compels intelligent risk.

Intelligent risk drives sustainable growth.

The U.S., U.K, and the EU are on the verge of decentralization of power that will stoke competition and sustainable growth. The Tax Cut and Jobs Act, regulatory rollback resulting in energy independence, and fairer trade demands have already laid the foundation in the U.S.

The same is about to happen in the U.K. The rest of the EU will race to follow out of fear of being left behind. This is validated with socialism losing power in each election and nationalism / populism gains. Nation state independence brings the sensitivity and agility needed to compete globally. Corrupt bureaucracy both in the U.S. and EU repress value creation.

China and Russia will be the big losers as their communist structure represses the transparency needed to compete.

Market activity is poised to increase proportionately to transparency in the U.S., U.K., and EU.

Be ready.

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