The Times Just Won 3 Pulitzers. Read the Winning Work.

The New York Times won three Pulitzer Prizes on Monday, bringing its industry-leading total to 125 since the prizes were first awarded in 1917.

The Times was recognized for coverage that led to an international reckoning on sexual harassment; investigating the connections between associates of President Trump and Russia; and chronicling the adjustment of Syrian refugees in a series of editorial cartoons. Read more about the winners below, or browse through The Times’ 125 winners here.

Public Service: ‘Harassed’

The staff of The Times was recognized with the public service award for giving voice to sexual harassment victims of men in powerful positions, including prominent figures like Harvey Weinstein and the managers on a factory floor. The Times shared the award with Ronan Farrow of The New Yorker, who also covered the allegations against Mr. Weinstein.

The journalists and their sources faced threats, attacks, retaliation and spying. But the whispers turned into on-the-record accusations, and the resulting stories unearthed secret settlements and brought hidden histories of harassment to the forefront, sparking a discussion that touched every corner of American life.