The Technical / Fundamental Disconnect

Are you not curious as to why Independence is not Time’s Person of the Year?

Yes it is a Movement and not a person, however when you look at the collective effect of the rejection of Globalism it is quite remarkable. Rebirth of freedom began with Brexit in June of 2016 and propelled Trump to the Presidency just 5 months later. Many thanks to the Enlightened in Britain for their courage and leadership in lighting the fuse.

Over the last several weeks the initial Brexit Agreement has been exposed and rejected as a fraud. Congrats again to the Brits for not allowing themselves to be steamrolled. France has erupted against the Globalist Agenda. Both May and Macron are politically dead. Italy has moved to protect itself from being destroyed by unchecked migration; and more and more EU Members are telling Brussels no more!

All this has happened without military action, invasion, or acts of terrorism.  All that is demanded is equal protection under the law. World leader’s failure to do so (think EU, UN, D.C. Establishment, and the Vatican) is the root cause of unrest and fully exposes their corrupt and evil intentions.

The disconnection between technical weakness (price structure) and strong fundamentals (Tax Cut and Jobs Act, Fairer Trade, Regulation Clawback, Foreign Policy demanding more responsibility from allies and accountability from foes, and an abundance of cheap energy) exists due to lack of historical perspective and understanding for true drivers of growth (value creation). Mix in gross and intentionally misleading reporting by the Aligned Media to protect the Globalist’s Agenda and you get significant uncertainty.

History tells us time and again Humankind’s greatest desire is to be free to improve themselves and the world around them. Freedom is the foundation of competition. Freedom generates the abundance to care for others. Control is secured by destroying freedom. This is being executed through the Paris Accord, UN Agenda 21, and seizure of lands and property in Venezuela, Russia, China, and South Africa. The rejected Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement was designed to do the same. The Aligned Media has been so vicious and dishonest in their attacks against Trump and his Administration (well over 90% negative reporting) because he and his appointees have exposed the evil and laid bare the Globalist’s intentions and methods.

Projection is accusing others of your own corrupt acts. This is precisely what leaders of the D.C. Establishment, EU, Vatican, Remainers in the U.K., and the Aligned Media have been doing since June of 2016. They are, from a historical perspective, moments away from being exposed through declassification of Inspector General Horowitz’s June 2017 Report, FISA Warrants, FBI Interviews & txts; and Judge Emmet Sullivan.

Declassification will repair the disconnection. Restore equal protection under the law; and most importantly secure the freedoms generating the abundance to care and protect those who cannot care and protect themselves.