The Tech Dilemma

When Tobacco companies were exposed for covering up the fatal consequences of smoking, engineering nicotine levels to promote addiction, and marketing campaigns targeting teenagers; investors fled in droves. The potential for tech investors having a similar reaction is increasing significantly.

Investors are slowly becoming educated on how tech and social media giants are waging war on 1st and 4th Amendment Rights. Labeling views associated with traditional family values as hate speech to repress them, and deceiving users to exploit personal data for both political and financial gain. Censorship agreements with China, in return for market access hold the potential for domestic censorship of views unfavorable to China expressed by U.S. Citizens.

Investors who are Veterans, have family members who have served or active-duty, or who know their history are likely to divest sooner rather than later. The more light that shines, and make no mistake it is getting brighter every day, the more poor behavior by the tech and social media giants is validated.

Investors fled Tobacco because they were disgusted, and did not want their reputations stained by association. Their investment viewed as endorsement. Tech and social media companies actively working to undermine the Rights of U.S. Citizens, manipulate the political process, and aid foreign countries (China) working against U.S. interests (intellectual property theft, currency manipulation) should be expected to experience the same level of rejection.

There are plenty of investment alternatives that would better serve and protect the best interests of U.S. Citizens (see U.S. steel, aluminum, and energy companies).