The Storm Arrives

A Public Service Announcement for the Aligned Media: Trust cannot exist without the Truth!

“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” John Adams

Murder, torture, and rape occur when deception, manipulation, and exploitation fail. Lies left unchallenged ignite this progression.

Today, Michael Horowitz, Inspector General for the Department of Justice, releases his Report on FBI and DOJ conduct regarding the Clinton email investigation. Please note this is just the first Chapter. Much more is waiting release regarding FISA Warrants, circumstances justifying appointment of Special Counsel Muller, the Clinton Foundation, and Uranium One.

The behavior of President Obama’s political appointees, and their handpicked career law enforcement professionals will be detailed. Reporting is expected to illustrate how .0000000075% of the U.S. population conspired to deceive, manipulate, and exploit 99.9999999925% of the American People.

The actions of the .0000000075% were motivated by self-preservation not the Greater Good. The conspiracy and coordination to execute was possible / undertaken knowing the overwhelming majority of the National (Aligned) Media would be complicit.

Will the next 96 hours be a continuation of deception, manipulation, and exploitation by the .0000000075% and their enablers or will they recognize the 99.9999999925% demand the Truth.

As indictments are unsealed, prosecutions go forward, verdicts handed down, and sentencing imposed how will journalists who betrayed the 99.9999999925% be held accountable? How will the actors, athletes, musicians, sports and entertainment executives, and elected officials exercising their 1st Amendment Rights in support of the betrayal of the 99.9999999925% make amends?

How will the 99.9999999925% reconcile reality with their perception?

The amount of time, talent, and treasure that has been destroyed by the .0000000075% and those complicit is gone. Truth is the only remedy. Unbiased application of the law will rebuild Trust.

Over the next 96 hours the healers will identify themselves and supporters of the .0000000075% will be fully exposed.