The Physics of Trust, Paying the Butcher’s Bill and Choosing to Heal

Truth births trust; and manifests in peace, prosperity, and abundance.

Lies rot away Honest Hard Work and corrupt the Human Condition.

Truth is dependent upon duty and honor; strong character to hold one’s self accountable to it. Personal accountability is the key to trusting ourselves and earing the trust and support of each other.

Truth resonates within. Restoring balance to our soul and placing us in harmony with each other.

Frustration, anxiety, stress are the result of being out of balance; internal and external conflict experienced because we either ignored, denied, or chose not to know the truth. They are alarms telling us we are embracing evil unless we seek out better information by asking better questions of more honorable people.

Truth proves itself over time by keeping us healthy, in balance, and in harmony with each other.  The release of the Muller Report is triggering a chain of events revealing the truth. The truth about people and institutions we have trusted to improve the Human Condition; to leverage our collective Honest Hard Work for the Greater Good.

We are going to find out how a small minority betrayed us on a magnitude not imagined and heartbroken as we become aware of the consequences. We will be deeply embarrassed by how we have allowed ourselves to be deceived, manipulated, and exploited. We will ask to be forgiven for our silence and compliance.

Group Think crucified Christ. The crowd, heck even Pilot and Herod knew He was innocent. However evil whispered lies that grew into flames and epic tragedy.

The End Times are here for the whisperers, and their accomplices who amplified their lies. Duty, Honor, Strong Character, and the Courage to say enough are destroying Group Think. The whisperers know they have lost their power and panicking. They know the Butcher’s Bill has come due.

The whisperers will not only pay for the loss and pain to soldiers and their family and friends. They will pay for police officers, federal agents, the falsely accused, and imprisoned. They will pay for children sacrificed and enslaved in the worst way. They will pay for the unspeakable acts suffered by the innocent and defenseless in the womb. They will pay for depriving education and distributing poison through both legal and illegal drugs.

The question is what will the rest of us do while the whisperers are paying?

Healing starts with Humility. Let us choose to heal by recognizing we are Blessed with Free Will to tell the truth.