The Pathway to the Brain’s Undeveloped Potential

The rate of change is accelerating faster than the most informed can comprehend.

Rapidly advancing technology is drastically increasing the volume and speed of information. Professionals are much more likely to be overwhelmed than empowered. Behavior is shifting from proactive to reactive. Causing professionals to fall further behind; faster and faster.

Frustration, anxiety, and stress keep spiking higher as professionals burn through energy chasing the day’s events. Genuine awareness for the needs of others is shrinking. Isolation is growing. Instant and scaled communication is more often used to project a façade than sincere interaction.

Any burden off loaded to machines (Ai) is quickly replaced with even greater burdens intensifying frustration, anxiety, and stress.

We are fast approaching The Fork in the Road where pain created by chasing the day will be so great and the promise of Utopia so strong; willing separation from the essence of our being, our ability to improve the Human Condition will occur. The little voice telling us not to will be ignored. An unimagined void will be created as professional and personal fulfillment, the root cause of joy and happiness is removed. Abdicating the responsibility to judge right from wrong, good from evil, whether our acts or the acts of others improve the Human Condition or corrupt it eliminates the need for our existence.

Machines will be left to improve machines.

The only defense is strengthening foundational behaviors causing information to be filtered, processed, and applied most effectively. Dramatically improving our Cognitive Process is the pathway to the brain’s undeveloped potential. This is how the power to remain independent of and superior to machines is secured.

When foundational behaviors are strengthened High Intuitive Function (HIF) is consistently achieved. HIF is the unconscious application of creativity and imagination integrating skill, knowledge, and experience in a nanosecond so we realize our full potential. HIF projects a future vision closely aligned with real-time events causing them to appear in slow motion. Creating the time to make effortless adjustments optimizing execution.

The foundational beliefs developing and supporting High Intuitive Function drive unconscious, continuous, and accelerating improvement. Proactive behavior dominates. We keep getting to better information, analyzing it faster, and making more out of it. The consequences of the ever accelerating rate of change are neutralized as we transition from a linear, natural learning and improvement progression, to an exponential development path.

Strengthening the foundational behaviors develops shared understanding for how information and performance is best directed and supported. This shared understanding causes knowledge to transfer and information to flow most effectively. The high transparency required to align individuals and teams is created. Collaboration and innovation explode as we unite and integrate to realize and expand our collective potential. Pushing awareness and ability to anticipate and fulfill each other’s needs further and further ahead of change. A ‘Hive Culture’ secures harmony and abundance.