The Mechanics of Change

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” Leo Tolstoy

Think about the people you have great respect for and what happens when you engage with them. They do not dismiss you. They look you in the eyes while running a personal inventory to make sure they have not misrepresented or made less than full disclosure.  They are constantly looking to fix, improve (change) themselves to ensure they have positive interactions with you.

Genuine professionals know there is always something to fix. A need to improve to stay ahead of the ever accelerating rate of change. Their foundational beliefs and behaviors drive unconscious, continuous, and accelerating improvement.

Please note these Absolute Truths to make sure you are changing fast enough to keep up:

  • Familiarity is the starting point. Personal accountability ignites curiosity so we keep taking ourselves to deeper understanding for what we believe we already know.
  • Change requires disruption of inefficient behavior then programming of new, more efficient behavior. As the rate of change accelerates so does the need to speed up improvement.
  • Change is normal and necessary. Just think how often the Operating System for your computer updates itself. Are you updating your Cognitive Processing System as frequently and effectively to keep pace?
  • Change cannot be a half measure; it must be full and comprehensive to be sustained.
  • The longer change is delayed the more compromised we become. The greater the pain and the longer its duration. The harder it becomes to achieve the change necessary to remain relevant.
  • Only cowards defend the Status Quo.
  • Change does not happen without our full commitment to personal accountability.

Spring cleaning has started. Consider taking a step back to make sure you Cognitive Processing System is up to date.