The Lincoln Method (Pros v Cons) Closes 2018

We self-sabotage by either over or under estimating our capabilities. The Lincoln Method, listing positives on the left side of a sheet of paper and negatives on the right, is a great way to ensure we develop rational perspective leading to reasonable expectations.

Reasonable expectations keep anxiety low and energy high. They allow us to see details clearly so the adjustments necessary to secure outcomes desired can be made.

2018 Pros:

  • GDP well above 3 % as Q1 2018 earnings exceeded Q4 2017 earnings by 17%. Q2 exceeded Q1 by 20%. Q3 exceeded Q2 by 25%. And Q4 is projected to exceed Q3 by 13.5%. Note this drop reflects the impact of two, .25 rate hikes by the Fed, adding $110 B to the annual cost of financing $ 22 T Debt.
  • Tax Cut and Jobs Act kicked in lowering the Middle Class tax burden by more than $2000; dropping the Corporate Rate from 35 to 21% while eliminating tax on foreign earnings and providing for a 15.5% tax rate on cash repatriated. Also opened Anwar for oil production.
  • Fairer Trade; NAFTA renegotiated with updated USMCA; significant progress made with China.
  • Regulatory clawback of government agency overreach to return legislative mandate to Congress. Net effect increased competition and lower energy costs without compromising essential environmental protections.
  • Foreign Policy demanding more responsibility from Allies (NATO accounts brought current and contribution requirements increasing); more accountability from adversaries North Korea, China, Russia, Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan.
  • Continued efforts to strengthen Boarder Security and protect individual and property rights through immigration enforcement.
  • Progress on prosecuting human trafficking and pedophilia.
  • Strengthening of military infrastructure and morale.
  • Approval of Jurists by the Senate, committed to consistent interpretation of the Constitution and enforcement of the Rule of Law, to secure the intelligent risk necessary to drive sustainable growth.

2018 Cons:

  • The Fed raising in October and again in December by .25 % each time, and adding an additional $110 B in annual finance cost of $ 22 T Debt for a total of $220 B. Note October and December rate hikes made despite inflation within 2 % year over year target, and Fed’s own projection of 2.4% GDP for 2019 and 1.9% GDP for 2020. 2018 rate hikes increased Mortgage Rates by 25%.
  • Lack of transparency for creditability / status of multiple investigations concerning weaponizing IRS, DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, ODNI, and State Department for political gain. Delay in declassification of essential evidence and investigation findings continues to fuel destabilizing and polarizing speculation.
  • Continued fabrication of the new cycle and biased reporting.
  • Uncharged and unprosecuted violations of 1st and 4th Amendment Rights by Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, and Apple.
  • Continued Human Rights violations in China, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and looming catastrophe of state sponsored genocide in South Africa.
  • Continued suppression of political expression in Venezuela, China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and Cuba.
  • Illicit drug trade.
  • Human trafficking and pedophilia.
  • Unwillingness of the Vatican to aggressively expose and punish (excommunicate) pedophiles.
  • Continued normalization, acceptance, and protection of unspeakable acts against the innocent and defenseless in the womb.

2019 is set up to provide resolution for any and all of the negatives and leveraging of the positives. We need to stay focused on how our individual decisions improve the Human Condition. Please know our actions always have a profound impact on how others conduct themselves. Let’s hope our collective positive decisions can create an energy wave powerful enough to reveal the Truth.

Once the Truth is known we can begin to heal and put in place protections securing the Greater Good.