The Jury Is Still Out

Equities markets were down sharply today as concerns over trade and tech stocks surged over the holiday weekend. The jury is still out as to what legislative actions will be taken against companies such as Facebook, as government bodies across the globe continue to lament the influence of Facebook in politics.

This is definitely contradictory, given that most of these same political figures applauded such influence when it worked in their favor. However, it seems clear that legislative action will be taken, and such actions are likely to substantial depress revenues of social media companies. Meanwhile, the Trump Administration has continued to criticize Amazon over its business practices, arguing that the company benefits unreasonably from the US postal service.

Also, concerns over a potential trade war with China have resurfaced as current negotiations have not yielded any clear results. With all of these things hitting the markets suddenly over the last few weeks, we can expect volatility to remain relatively high. Here’s what to expect.