The Fast & Simple Way to Trade Options

Barry writes, “Is there a quick and easy way to find great trading opportunities?”

Of course, this question is probably on many people’s minds. The phrase “hard work” appeals to very few people. “quick and easy” or “fast and simple” sounds a lot better. And nobody wants to sit and stare at a computer screen all day watching the price movements of individual stocks.

Guess what? I’m like everybody else. I don’t want to be chained to my computer either! But still, I must confess…

There is no Holy Grail to option trading.

There is no magic strategy or “blue pill” you can take (a reference to the movie the Matrix). If there was, I’d be in the blue pill business!

And yet even though there may not be any instant solutions for becoming a great options trader, you CAN get to the point where trading is fast and simple/quick and easy. It is a process. It takes time.

When you start out, you almost feel like you’re learning a foreign language. There are new words, new concepts, and new skills for you to master. There is a kind of subculture to become acquainted with.

But over time, you get the hang of things. You start to understand concepts that at first were difficult to understand. You begin to experience some breakthroughs.

With enough practice, what was once difficult becomes easy. What once took hours, now takes minutes.

It’s like cooking a meal for the first time. You follow the recipe exactly. And even though it might be described as a “30-minute meal,” it takes you a full hour to prepare, not counting the cook time.

The second time you make this meal, it goes faster. The third time, even faster. And so on. Eventually, that “30-minute meal” that once took you an hour to prepare, might take only twenty minutes.

It’s the same with stock options trading.

In the beginning, you will invest more time learning. You will have to go slowly and closely follow the “recipe” to avoid making mistakes. But over time, as you practice the process, you will become very proficient.

So quick and easy comes with knowledge, experience, and skill. It doesn’t always come right away, but it comes eventually.

This is a good thing. After all, if it were quick and easy for those without knowledge, experience, and skill, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

Best regards always,

A.J. Brown