The Eye Wall Approaches

The Eye Wall delivers the most deadly / destructive forces of a hurricane.

In Washington D.C. an Eye Wall created by lies and denial then amplified by even more lies and denial will hit as DOJ Inspector General Horowitz, FBI Director Wray, and DOJ Assistant Director Rosenstein testify before House and Senate Judicial and Intelligence Committees today and tomorrow.

Their testimony is necessary to reconcile the disconnection between conclusions in the first chapter of the IG Report (Clinton Email Investigation), supporting evidence, and legal statutes.

What is certain from FBI texts (and withholding of evidence), investigative conduct, composition of investigative teams, and standing down of the DOJ was/is a coordinated effort to protect one presidential candidate and destroy the creditability of another.

On Friday evening a meeting took place between Speaker Ryan, Congressmen Nunez, Gowdy, and Goodlatte; with FBI Director Wray and DOJ Assistant Director Rosenstein to secure all remaining documents under subpoena. Congressman Gowdy summed things up best by stating, “It’s time for the FBI and DOJ to decide if they want to be part of the ‘clean up crew’ or ‘the cover up crew’. Speaker Ryan was in attendance to make it clear the full force of Constitutional Authority held by Congress will be brought to bear should they fail to comply.

The Aligned Media needs to make the same choice.

This scandal/betrayal of public trust reminds us of how easily corrupt leadership can destroy the reputations of employees and associates who were and continue to provide honest hard work in good faith. The same can be said for the leadership of the Aligned Media as they knowingly mislead their readers and viewers. Claims of unnamed sources, false reporting, followed by retractions all give evidence to ad hominem behavior instead of ethical journalism.

Smart Money recognizes the magnitude of current events, heeded the Storm Warnings, and sought shelter. This isn’t the first Storm the markets have had to weather and won’t be the last. However the potential cleansing combined with deep market underpinning achieved by clawback of regulation, Tax Cut and Jobs Act, aggressive movement towards fairer trade, and substantial progress in foreign affairs gives great optimism for when the Storm clears.

Remember Trust cannot exist without the Truth.

No matter our political beliefs we should be united in wanting the Truth.

There should be no joy in exposure of Evil.

Instead each of us should be deeply committed to healing through reconciliation.