The Deep State – The Hand Inside the Glove of the Fed

Think of elected officials, talking heads, and pundits as performers on the stage. Casting, scripting, costumes, props, special effects and broadcasting (distribution) are all controlled by the Deep State.

Unelected officials at the DOJ, FBI, IRS, SEC, EPA, FDA, CDC, DOE, DHS, DOD, BLM, and other alphabet agencies are the cogs and wheels deciding what and how to manipulate, and who and when to investigate and prosecute.

The protected have carte blanche to plunder and pillage. Eliminate witnesses and silence whistleblowers. Think Clinton Foundation and favored corporations.

When was the last time you saw reporting on the EPA or SEC enforcing / demanding remediation of industrial pollution and set aside of funding? Where were Woodward and Bernstein on the Pay for Play between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation? Was the Uranium One Scheme beyond the comprehension of Ivy League minds?

Why do Facebook, Twitter, and Google (YouTube) think it is ok to shadow ban, rig search results, and shut down voices opposed to their wealth destruction agenda of the middle-class? By hiding the consequences of illegal immigration and open boarders (EU) this is precisely what they are protecting.

Independent researchers, investigators, and aggregators reporting on the dots they connect have formed a Hive Collective by harnessing the power of the Internet. They are a clear and present danger to Aligned Media Bias and in turn the Deep State Agenda.

While the Fed quietly takes from the taxpayer through the illusion of protecting them. The Deep State optimizes the taking to ensure the highest returns for the protected.