The Day Washington D.C. Stood Still

Thin moments (Fr. Wall) provide profound clarity to change lives. Our Nation is on the verge of a collective thin moment restoring Faith in all that is good. We cannot afford to squander it.

As I write the Aligned Media is beginning a new narrative. Stage One will report on how the claim of protecting sources and methods was used to conceal criminal and treasonous acts. Stage Two will confess their awareness of and regret for not reporting on these actions because they did not have collaborating evidence in hand. Stage Three will name traitors and conspirators and vigorously endorse their prosecution. This is the only out for the Aligned Media to protect themselves from being named as co-conspirators and hopes for retaining the thinnest thread of creditability.

As confessions, and findings of Military Tribunals are made public. Unredacted FISA Warrants, FBI Interviews, Txt messages, DOJ Inspector General Report(s), and closed door Congressional Testimony from over 70 witnesses are released. The soon to be unsealed indictments by Federal Prosecutor John Huber will be painful and expected.

There can be no joy in actions necessary to vanquish Evil. Only great comfort and thanksgiving for Good prevailing.  Those who comprehend what is happening and why must show great compassion for those who have been deceived, manipulated, and exploited. They have been preyed upon and are truly victims of evil people who betrayed the trust of a Nation and responsible for death and destruction throughout the World.

Let the understanding and healing begin.