The Calm before the Storm

When we are consumed by events, wrapped up in the moment, appreciation for what is transpiring is often lost on us. The transformative potential for what takes place over the next 8 days is nothing short of epic. The contrast of triggering global harmony and economic windfall, while lighting the fuse to eradicate corruption in the bowels of the world’s most powerful Nation is beyond the imagination of the most creative fiction writers.

A successful Summit between the U.S. and North Korea will accelerate resolution of conflicts with Iran and in the Middle East. Causing a monumental shift from terrorism to value creation. This is what scares the heck out of the Globalists. Losing their power to manipulate through fear, war, hardship, and poverty to Peace and Prosperity.

Sunlight shinning on conspiracy and its consequences will reveal roots extending to U.S. allies around the world. As they are pulled out the momentum of Peace and Prosperity will be overwhelming. There is no accelerant more powerful than the Truth.

The transformation has already begun; and require a year or two to capitalize fully on opportunities for reform. However it will be the coolest thing to be part of. Joy and happiness experienced by improving the Human Condition will replace fear and hate. Partisan elected officials, bureaucrats, and journalist will scurry off into darkness while many will be indicted, prosecuted, sentenced, and incarcerated (or executed – yes their actions are that horrific). Their replacements will be fearless in maintaining their independence and objectivity.

Investors will have a smorgasbord of opportunity presented to them. Funding for transformational technologies will be plentiful and barriers impeding deployment removed.

The source of my optimism comes from knowing a great sense of Legacy fuels the strength and commitment of those revealing the Truth. The Fallen, and the sorrow and hardship to their families will be honored by releasing the best of Humankind. The evil responsible for unimagined pain and suffering will be incinerated.

Think of your best day. When you had so much energy you could not wait to let it out. You knew precisely what to do, why, and how to do it. Now imagine that power released on a global scale. The next 8 days will be the catalyst to make it happen.