The Biggest Transparency Event in a Lifetime

I was only 5 years old when the emergency broadcast of President Kennedy being shot came over the radio. I was standing in our kitchen watching my Mom do the dishes.  I was also in the kitchen with my Mom when news of Dr. King’s assassination broke a few years later.

When Neil Armstrong took “one small step for Man one giant leap for Mankind” stepping off of lunar lander ladder. It happened about 10 PM on a July Saturday night. I was 10 years old and standing out in the middle of our street watching with neighbors at our “Block Party” in black and white on a TV powered by extension cords pieced together.

When Regan’s death was announced I was in a hotel room at the Ramada Inn just West of Memorial Stadium (University of Illinois).

The morning of 9/11 is filled with vivid memories and shock. First a call from our floor operations manager. My initial reaction was a small plane suicide. I turned the TV on in time to see the 2nd plane fly in and immediately went to the floor.  I was on the phone with one of our tech engineers when the first tower collapsed.

Next was the evening of June 23, 2016 when Brexit Referendum passed.  I stayed up into the early hours of the 24th watching the BBC on the Internet and the markets react. I was shocked by what was being said by the UK equivalent of our aligned media.  U.S. media parroted their sentiment less than 5 months later reacting to President Trump’s election. Fortunately both UK and U.S. pundits could not have been more wrong.

Last night it was reported DOJ Inspector General Horowitz will appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee on December 11th to answer questions on his FISA Investigation. We know his Report has been cleared by the DOJ and Horowitz has notified and allowed review of the Report by those named in it. This was the final requirement before its release. Now expected by next Wednesday, November 27th.  Providing the public and elected officials 2 weeks to digest before Horowitz’s Senate appearance/testimony.

The Report will be the biggest transparency event in a lifetime. Horowitz’s Investigation is the foundation for multiple criminal investigations conducted by Federal Prosecutors Huber, Durham, and others not yet named. Report release will trigger unsealing of indictments and arrests. Review the parade of FBI and DOJ officials, lawyers, and agents that testified in closed House Intelligence Committee Sessions in 2018 and you will know the names to listen for.

This transparency event will intensify over 2020 as evidence behind additional indictments becomes public. People who are blind to aligned media bias will be shocked to the criminality they helped conceal. Those aware of media bias, sensing reporting and arguments didn’t square with logic, will gain peace as their common sense and faith that good would triumph over evil are validated.

Smart Money has been buying the rumor (release of Report). Understanding transparency is the foundation of intelligent risk driving sustainable growth. Smart Money can be expected to exit ahead of the news then quickly look to buy again.  Transparency will restore faith in the government’s ability to heal itself and generate new and stronger appreciation for the Constitution and Separation of Powers. Investor and consumer confidence will be stronger than ever as the truth is revealed and its implications comprehended.

This Thanksgiving will be remembered as the rebirth of our Republic as the Horowitz FISA Report lifts the veil on how absolute power corrupts. And how the Constitution and Rule of Law, however slow and painful its machinations are, prevail.

A word of advice. Evidence from investigations triggered by Horowitz’s work will be horrific. There can never be true justice for the victims of unspeakable acts. What has been done to innocents is beyond comprehension along with the silence and protection afforded evil by the Aligned Media. Jeffery Epstein is just the “Tip of the Iceberg”.  The most practical action we can take to honor the victims is to protect future innocents by showing up to vote for candidates we have taken the time to know and validate.

The first step is finding way better sources of information than the aligned media. Until then, all we need to do is look 180 degrees away from what they are reporting to know the truth.