The accused is presumed innocent, burden of proof is on the accuser

By Beaches Leader

To the editor:

I saw a signs on a lawn in Atlantic Beach saying Love Reigns Here, No Room for Hate, and I began to wonder, why is it necessary to proclaim it, don’t their actions speak louder. If love reigns and there’s no room for hate, why is there so much hate? Maybe it’s because love reigns only as long as you agree with them. You know, like the liberal democrat motto. And it’s no more true than at the Brett Kavanaugh hearing. Six separate times the FBI did a background check on him and found nothing. Impeccable credentials, not a blemish, not when he worked for the Bush administration, or when he was nominated for the appellate court, nothing, nada, until now. Why’s that? What’s changed? What’s different?

There’s a new sheriff in town, President Donald J. Trump, and because the democrats can’t stand to lose. With Hillary Clinton in the White House, they were guaranteed seats on the Supreme Court, judges that would fundamentally change the Constitution of the United States of America. A document that has protected the American people for close to 250 years. No more first or second amendment, no religious freedom or free speech, the right to keep and bear arms and definitely no right to due process, as we’re seeing now with the Kavanaugh hearing.

An allegation was brought before the judiciary committee of sexual misconduct against Judge Kavanaugh by Dr. Ford. An event she claims happened 36 years ago while they were teenagers. She can’t remember where it happened or when it happened. She told no one when it happened or filed a report with law enforcement. But we’re supposed to believe her simply because she’s a woman and she says so. If that were true, then why aren’t we supposed to believe Judge Kavanaugh? He says it never happened. According to our system of justice, the accused is presumed innocent and the burden of proof is on the accuser. Dr. Ford has no proof and her witnesses can’t corroborate her testimony.

Senator Diane Feinstein knew of this allegation since the beginning and did nothing. She waited until the committee was ready to vote before submitting it. The democrats delay the hearing further by demanding Dr. Ford be heard. She was heard, I saw the three ring circus they put on. They demanded another FBI investigation knowing the results will be the same. They just want to delay the proceedings, hoping to win in November and delaying until 2020 where they hope to win the presidency, the congress, and the Supreme Court.

If Judge Kavanaugh is not confirmed to the Supreme Court, this will become the norm. Any allegation is to be believed if a woman says so. Men are not to be believed because they’re men. Watch out women protect your sons, they may be next, or your husband, father, brother or any male relative or friend.

Love Reigns when there is no room for Hate in your heart for anyone who disagrees wit you. Our founding fathers knew this. They disagreed on many issues but they listened to each other and came up with the best solution. The Constitution of the United States of America.

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